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The principle reason for nutritional IV therapy is to supply essential nutrients of normal body metabolism and those required for restoring balance (homeostasis) and the resolution of illness. When patients are acutely or chronically ill, they often may need a “jump-start” consisting of a high concentration of nutrients, 100% of which gets directly to our cells, to get them on the road to healing.One chief reason for including IV nutrients in a clinical setting is the capacity to provide rapid symptom relief in a wide array of situations.When vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are infused intravenously (IV) they go directly into your bloodstream to fuel your cells. That means they avoid the potential loss of potency and poor absorption in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract that is a characteristic of nutrients taken orally. This makes IV nutrient administration a powerful therapy for numerous health concerns (see below).

With oral supplements alone, it routinely takes considerably longer, often over a year. With the IV program, however, improvement is almost always substantial and quick, occurring in just two months.It has been my observation that patients who receive a series of IV nutrients  become progressively healthier. In these patients, the interval between treatments can be gradually decreased, and eventually the IV nutrients are on a as needed basis.Other patients require regular Iv nutrients for an indefinite period of time in order to control their medical problems.



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Skin is continuously at the mercy of so many factors and overtime, wrinkles, frown lines, volume loss, pigmentation and age spots may become inevitable. With the skill and expertise of Dr Mitch combined with the industry’s most advanced, effective treatments, we are able to combat signs of ageing with a range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

3D Lipo Fat, Cellulite reduction and Skin Tightening.
An easy and affordable treatment to reduce fat, cellulite and skin tightening by our award winning clinic.
• 3D-lipo is a revolutionary, non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction
• All treatments are non-invasive and you will achieve amazing results when incorporated with a healthy lifestyle
• The treatment is broken down into 6 options; Cavitation, Cryolipolysis and Laser for fat reduction, HIFU, Radio Frequency for skin tightening and Dermology for cellulite reduction.
• Each treatment takes between 30 min – 2 hr
• Results are visible from anywhere between 1-3 months of starting the treatment.

IV Vitamin Drip
Dr Mitch Total Health
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IV Vitamin Drip
Dr Mitch Total Health
Hydrate, plump and smooth your skin with our Our Molecular AntiAging Drip available at our Clinic.
Molecular Anti Ageing Vitamin Drip All known forms of life depend on water. Up to 70% of a human’s body weight is water – that needs to be topped-up regularly for us to stay healthy.
Our Molecular Anti Aging Drip is the ultimate treatment to hydrate, plump and smooth your skin. Stimulates body rejuvenation. Lightens and brightens and helps turn back time from the inside out! It provides replenishing fluids, essential vitamins and minerals to restore hydration.
• Hydrates, plumps and smoothes your skin.
• Lightens and brightens.
• It provides replenishing fluids, essential vitamins and minerals to restore hydration.
IV Vitamin Therapy is suitable for:
Exercise Fatigue
General Exhaustion
Seasonal illness
Anti ageing
Skin complexion